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What’s New?


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No “Student Cut”, where’s my discount?

We decided to eliminate the “Student Cut” and instead give you 10% discount on any service of choice. This gives you the freedom to choose any barber or service you like at a reduced rate.


“Can I wash my hair?”


In order to gain control of the desired end result it’s important that your hair is clean.

We kindly ask you to wash out any grease or product before your appointment. If this wasn’t possible and your hair is too greasy we’ll shampoo and wash before starting to cut. Keep in mind this will cost you €3


“Do I need to wear a mask?”

Due to latest government updates, face masks are no longer required in our shop.
In order to stay healthy we still ask you to sanitize and stay home if you have symptoms.

“Price list”

First, we want to thank you for your unconditional support trough the last years.
Improvement is very important to us that’s why we constantly try our best to serve you with personal care, custom advice and of course clean fades.
This renewed price list represents our growth trough this process

We proudly present our renewed price list

“Bald Cut vs Head Shave”

Hot towel, shaving soap and a close razor shave for the head. We introduce the “Head Shave” a relaxing and traditional service perfect for the sensitive skin.

For those who prefer it simple with Machines only, choose our well known “Bald cut”

“Cancallation policy”

• You can cancel your booking till 12 hours in advance via the cancellation link below.
• Our cancelation fee is the equivalent of your chosen service for this appointment.
• Please give us a call if you’re not able to make it, If we’re able to fill your spot we will only charge half of your cancellation fee

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